Legends Dawn: Goblins of Ruin RPG mobile game

Logo art for Legends Dawn: Goblins of Ruin RPG mobile game

Legends Dawn Goblins of Ruin is a mini indie RPG mobile game for Android with focus on loot progression and beautiful pixel artwork.

In this fun game you must Complete Quests, Defeat Goblins and Collect Epic Loot!

Below is a set of examples of the beautiful pixel art in the RPG mobile game Goblins of Ruin

Screenshot of map view with quests from Legends Dawn: Goblins of Ruin

Map overview with current quests

Screenshot of combat from Legends Dawn: Goblins of Ruin

Battle with goblin in a cave

Screenshot of inventory from Legends Dawn: Goblins of Ruin

A look inside our heroes inventory

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Game Features for this RPG mobile game

  • Obtain Powerful Gear

Slay your enemies and loot them for incredible gear progression

  • Do the Quests You Want

Choose what quests you want to do from a world map overview

  • Action Panel (LAS)

Gain Rune Power from combat and spend it on abilities

  • Get Rewarded

Complete quests to obtain gear and weapons to slay dangerous foes

  • Potions

Gain temporary buffs from potent potions which will help you in your quests

  • Slay or Die

Stay alive as dynamically scaled enemies will try to kill you to gain your booty

  • Levels

Play to level 15 while the game is in early access

  • Uncover Secrets

Explore the amazingly beautiful lands of Ashenthrone and it’s mythical lore

If you like a loot driven Idle RPG mobile game with pixel Art, then this game is definitely worth a try. You can download Goblins of Ruin for free on Google Play Here!

The game is currently in early access.
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