Danish Game Translation of Feudal Alloy

Feudal Alloy Game

Starved of great game ideas, with an urge to work on games, I decided to help the Attu Games crew with a Danish game translation of their game Feudal Alloy.

Feudal Alloy is, as Attu Games put it themselves, “an epic action adventure with fish-controlled medieval robots!”

While browsing twitter I came across a post by Eva Balikova, one of the game developers from Attu Games. The post was of Feudal Alloy and the game immediately caught my interest.

Ever since my last game project I had been looking for something new to do in the game industry. Being a Danish game developer I thought I might as well put my Danish translating skills to work.

I reached out to Eva to hear if they wanted a Danish translation of their game. Shortly after Eva replied that it would be awesome with a danish translation.

I went to work on it right away and started translating the strings that Eva had sent me. At this point I had an idea of what the game was about, but didn’t know the full story of Feudal Alloy. As I translated more and more of the game into danish the puzzle peaces started to form a greater picture.

Danish Game Translation Feudal Alloy

After a while I had mostly finished the Danish game translation and understood more and more of the story. But had yet to play the game – to my luck Eva game me access to a beta version of the game so I could try it for myself.

Feudal Alloy is available on steam.

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