Art By CH Website

Art By CH

Art By CH is a website with the possibility to see and buy art from Christina Thomsen. On the site you will find anything from paintings to ceramic, along with the original works or prints. Christina’s works are primarily painted with watercolours and acrylic paint. Her works has focus on the human and what is happening around us. Human emotions play a big part and every picture has its own story, which is also present in her works in what colours and expressions she uses. The works should be able to speak for itself.

Art By CH is a webshop built with a modern and  et moderne og stylish, but also very minimalistic design, to not draw focus away from the beautiful art on the page.

Art By CH Butik

Apart from the site functioning as a portfolio for the artist, Christina Thomsen, Art By CH also works as a shop to show which original works is on sale and to offer prints of her art.

The webshop is also using the newest payment technologies, such as Apple Pay through Stripe, to create the smoothest and easiest experience, for the users of the website, as possible


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