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For the past month I have been an intern at Plai. It has been a great experience where I got to dive into full stack development of a gaming platform. I had such a great time at Plai, and although being done with the internship is sad, I want to focus on how good an experience it has been for me.

Right now you might be thinking; what is Plai? And let me get right to that…

What is Plai?

Plai is a game platform where you can go for all your gaming needs. Now you might be thinking about other gaming platforms, and how Plai differ from those. Plai is a little different than the other platforms, as Plai allows you to split up the payment. Say you want to try a game that you’ve heard about, but you’re not sure if its worth the money. On Plai you can decide to pay for the game on an hourly basis – you will never have to pay more than the games full cost, but it allows you to try out games that you’re not sure about, without committing to buying the game and paying the full price. So if you play a game at an hourly rate of $2.00 and the games full cost is $10, then after 5 hours of playing the game, you will have payed the full price, and the game is then yours to keep forever.

If you’d like, you can read more on Plai’s official website here.

Personally I’m very excited about this, as I’ve often come across games which seem cool, but the price is steep – this would lead me to go onto the internet to find videos, reviews and so on. But now I can just try it out, for a minimal price, to see if I like it – thats genius if you ask me!
But enough of me fanboy rambling. Let’s talk about the internship.

What I did

My internship at Plai was as a programmer, and to be more precise I was a full stack developer. I did anything from SQL queries to back end business logic, making API’s for the system and developing front end for both the user to see, but also the admin dashboard. Even though I wouldn’t call myself the most experienced front end developer, it was pretty fun to be thrown out into something that I wouldn’t usually spend that much time on. Although I did a bit of complaining about it, Vue.Js started to grow on me, to the point where I would consider using it for future projects.

My gain

In my internship I got more experience with front end development, as well as getting familiar with some of the different frameworks that is used in the back end development of Plai. My memory of SQL got refreshed and I got a good understanding of the architecture of Plai and their use of Microsoft Azure. I really enjoyed my time at Plai, and I can’t wait for their public release!


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